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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Flash Player 9 Update 3 and the Socket Policy File

With the release of Flash player 9 Update 3, many Flash applications are beginning to break due to Flash’s new socket policy rules.

The executive summary is that a server that allows Flash Player to connect to its sockets must now provide a socket policy file on either port 843 or the port that the player is connecting to.

There are several scripts available for setting up a socket policy file server on port 843 on linux to solve this problem, but how do you test if your socket server is running correctly before opening the port up to the world through your firewall?

The following java source and class file is one way to check that the socket server is responding correctly. Download the class file (or source, if you know how to build it for your environment) and upload to your server:

For information on using the utility:

/path-to-java/bin/java Flash843 -h

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  1. […] This blog post shows how to create a simple java app that tests your socket server: Flash Player 9 Update 3 and the Socket Policy File […]

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  2. From Adobe’s website: a little quicker to do:

    A quick verification of the service can be done by using either Perl or Python in conjunction with the netcat utility:

    python -c ‘print “%c” % 0’ | nc 843
    perl -e ‘printf “%c”,0’ | nc 843

    If the socket policy file is returned by running one of the above commands, then the test was successful.

    Comment by Nathan — 21 August, 2008 @ 10:15 am

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